Why Bloggers Should Put Up, Shut Up & Pay Their Tax

by on 08/24/2010 • 197 Comments | Blogging

You’ve probably heard about it already. Last week the Philadelphia City Paper posted an article discussing the city’s Business Privilege Tax that taxes residents who engage in any sort of “activity for profit” – even if the activity has never profited them as much as a latte. Ever. The trouble started when bloggers discovered this …Read More

4 Words Of Non-Wisdom Bloggers Give

by on 08/23/2010 • 25 Comments | Blogging

There’s a lot of bad advice on the Web. We know this and we’re all getting pretty good at ignoring it. However, sometimes when I land on bad advice, I can actually feel parts of my brain exploding. And that’s usually when I say something that gets me in trouble. While in the midst of …Read More

7+ Outspoken Links To Read Today

by on 07/19/2010 • 11 Comments | Blogging

I don’t participate much in blog challenges. Mostly, because they’re the types of post that make you cringe when you look back a year later to see what you’ve produced. However, last week Darren Rowse created one that I think may benefit new and old readers to Outspoken. So I’m going to bite. Over at …Read More

Only You Can Prevent Blog Trolls & Comment Jerks

by on 05/28/2010 • 27 Comments | Blogging

I’m sure this will come off as a huge (read: HUGE!) surprise to you, but I’m a pretty big believer that small business owners should be blogging. As a SMB owner, I think it provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to create thought leadership and to use storytelling to create an interesting point of difference. …Read More

Popular Bloggers: Hypocrites Or World Connectors?

by on 05/20/2010 • 44 Comments | Blogging

As I was heading home from Search Exchange earlier this week, I stumbled across an interesting post on BlogHer where Janna asks if bloggers become hypocrites once the comments start pouring in. The basic premise is that most new bloggers do everything they can to nurture their comment section when they’re just starting out. They …Read More

How To Write A Blog Post (or how I do it)

by on 04/29/2010 • 30 Comments | Blogging

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time writing blog posts. I write them for us, for outside industry sites and for clients. Luckily, blogging is something that I really enjoy and, because I do it so much, I’ve been able to create a pretty effective process for getting the words out …Read More