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Ryan Jones is a manager of SEO strategy & analytics at SapientNitro where he oversees a regional team providing strategic insights for fortune500 clients and occasionally attempts to take over the world – which he would have already succeeded in doing had it not been for those meddling kids and their dog. The views expressed in this post are Ryan's alone and not necessarily those of his employer or clients. Follow Ryan on twitter at @RyanJones or learn more about him at or on

A Guest Post on the Death of Guest Posting

by on 01/21/2014 • 29 Comments | SEO

If you haven’t heard yet, Matt Cutts just issued a decree that guest blogging is done, essentially killing another popular SEO tactic. Consider this my official guest post on the demise of guest posting. Yes, this also makes me part of the reason why (as Matt says) we can’t have nice things in the SEO …Read More

Wait, why are you measuring that?

by on 09/18/2012 • 10 Comments | SEO

Ryan Jones is a wicked smart SEO who works with SapientNitro and rants on his personal blog (dotCult) about all things SEO, Penguin, and analytics. He’s one of the most “outspoken” marketers we know and Rhea will be moderating a panel with Ryan at the upcoming SMX East conference, October 2nd-4th in Manhattan. We hope …Read More