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  • No one likes to feel rejected, especially in forty point font (true story), but success isn’t a guarantee in our industry. For every success I would wager that link builders and marketers face three times as much failure and rejection. At Outspoken Media, we’ve had guest posts work very well for the purposes of link…Read More

  • Breakout the birthday cake and the candles, today Outspoken Media turns 2-years-old! Two, I never thought I could be so proud of a number. We’ve come a long way since the day Lisa and I proudly threw caution, and our day jobs, to the wind. It hasn’t been two years since the birth of the…Read More

  • Yesterday, Dawn announced she’d be moving on from Outspoken Media. It was hard to see in print, but Dawn stuck with us through an incredibly exhausting year and earned a spot in this family regardless of where her career takes her. We thank her for everything she brought to Outspoken, all the long hours and…Read More

  • At Outspoken Media, we love SEO audits. Link development and online reputation management may be our bread and butter, but three of us not-so-secretly pine for the SEO audit. If I have the time, I will fight with Dawn over who takes the lead on a complicated SEO audit even though I know it means…Read More

  • On Tuesday, Search Engine Roundtable covered the WebmasterWorld thread, Create more content to bury negatives? Fair game says Google, in which tedster and the WMW community discussed Google’s apparent stance on online reputation management. The conversation was sparked by a quote from a Google representative on NPR’s All Tech Considered: Meanwhile, Google doesn’t seem to…Read More

  • Setting client expectations for online reputation management can be tough. No two clients are exactly alike even if their situations appear to be very similar. Some clients can see their problem disappear in two weeks and others can be as frustratingly difficult to outrank as [pay day loans] or [mesothelioma]. This means I’m constantly on…Read More

  • Reputation management problems often exist because of a significant communication breakdown. A confused consumer could not get in touch with an informed (or caring) representative, a product’s limitations were hidden in the fine print, expectations were not clearly defined prior to the start of a project, etc. All of those situations stem from poor communication…Read More

  • Thank You.

    by on 03/15/2010 • 41 Comments | SEO

    After an overwhelming show of support from the community, I wanted to take a minute to thank you. When I originally discussed the SEO trademark news with Search Engine Land, it was suggested that readers may want to donate to my legal funds. I tried to brush this off and we published the articles. I…Read More

  • Two years ago I set out on what would become one of the biggest challenges in my life to date. It ranks up there with starting Outspoken Media, chairing a non-profit and getting married. On April 24, 2008 I filed my notice of opposition to Jason Gambert’s “SEO” trademark application. On March 11, 2010, I…Read More