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Michelle Lowery is an ardent word nerd, but is also known to say "y'all" from time to time.

Usability: Seven Swans a’Swimmin’

by on 12/16/2011 • 4 Comments | Usability

Oh, the possibilities for swimming puns related to site navigation are endless! I’m going to assume you can see the parallel, and just get right down to the good stuff. One of your jobs as a Web site publisher is to figure out what brings people to your site, and make it easy for them …Read More

Womens Radio

by on 11/09/2011 • 1 Comment | Internet Marketing Conferences

Don’t be misled by the title. This session isn’t just for or about women. We’re not sexist here at PubCon! But don’t be misled by the “radio” part, either. Businesses can still get a lot of benefit out of traditional public relations strategies and methods. Ignoring older methods because you think they’re outdated can sometimes …Read More