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Lisa Barone co-founded Outspoken Media in 2009 and served as Chief Branding Officer until April 2012.

OSM Monthly Link Find – February 2012

by on 02/24/2012 • 3 Comments | Reading Nuggets

Howdy ho, Neighbors! I know, I know, it’s not technically the end of the month yet. We’re bringing you our monthly picks a few days early due to the end-of-month conference rush. Speaking of, if you happen to be in Portland, Oregon today, go check out the SearchFest event taking place at The Governor Hotel. …Read More

12 Women We’d Love To See Speaking (or speaking more)

by on 02/10/2012 • 72 Comments | SEO

There aren’t enough women speaking in our industry. There I said it. It’s what I believe even though the Twitter masses have angrily and repeatedly told me that I’m wrong, that there are “enough” women represented, and that what conferences are really missing are more SEOs with beards (thanks for that, BTW). However, I think …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Flash Fans Edition

by on 02/04/2012 • No Comments | Reading Nuggets

Welcome to SuperBowl weekend.  Are you ready to watch the Patriots destroy the Giants and get a little payback? I know I am. ;) But before all that, let’s snack on some Weekend Coffee Links. They’re nutritious AND hilarious. What more could you ask for? Nothing, I say. First we’ll share what caught our eye …Read More

Why You Want To Be the Last Blog Standing

by on 02/01/2012 • 26 Comments | Blogging

You’ve probably heard the news. According to findings released by UMass Dartmouth [hat tip RWW] the number of Inc. 500 companies maintaining corporate blogs has dropped for the first time since 2007. Did you hear that? IT DROPPED! According to Dartmouth’s research, just 37 percent of companies interviewed said they had a corporate blog, down …Read More