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Lisa Barone co-founded Outspoken Media in 2009 and served as Chief Branding Officer until April 2012.

The 6 Hidden Identities of an SEO Consultant

by on 03/08/2012 • 14 Comments | SEO

Rhea and I were having a conversation about our business recently when the topic of vendor vs. consultant was brought up. I can’t speak for Rhea but I’m not sure I had ever really thought about the difference. Luckily for me, there was a third-party present who was able to perfectly put it into terminology …Read More

What Was Your Defining SEO Career Moment?

by on 03/06/2012 • 17 Comments | SEO

Someone asked me yesterday about my “defining SEO moment”.  Essentially, they wanted to know how I got *here* and what decision or moment stands out in mind as being “key” to everything that has happened since. I thought about it for awhile and, in doing so, realized that there have truthfully been a lot of …Read More