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Joe Schaefer Joe Schaefer is the owner of Untypical Marketing.
  • [This is part five in a five-part series charting Outspoken Media's operational development process.] I love “ah-ha!” moments. I’m fortunate enough to work in an industry where they happen all of the time. Kind of like when I find your navigation is coded in non-crawlable JavaScript and not HTML. I love those moments like they’re…Read More

  • There comes a time in every link builder’s career when a technique comes to mind that just seems too good to be true. It may seem so damn simple you can hardly keep it contained. If it seems a little suspect though, it probably is, and it won’t end well. Just yesterday, Search Engine Land…Read More

  • It has been a few days since my first-ever conference as an Outspoken Media employee, and first-ever Distilled conference. Now that we’ve had countless conversations about the stellar content presented at LinkLove, it’s time to get busy using the knowledge we gained. If you haven’t been able to attend a LinkLove conference, add it to…Read More

  • Advanced link builders aren’t super-humans, but that doesn’t mean some in the SEO industry don’t look upon them as if they are. What separates a good link builder from the rest of us is the ability to properly audit a link prospect, and, even better, the ability to do it quickly. If you’re an SEO…Read More

  • We’re almost halfway through our 12 Days of Christmas—er, SEO—and I want use my day to talk about five golden link finds that can help your link development efforts. I know, I know, we do a link-up post each month, but this a different kind of list. Golden Link #1 Mentionmapp is a simple…Read More