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Google’s New Tabbed Sitelinks

by on 07/13/2012 • 6 Comments | SEO

Have you seen the new tabbed sitelinks in search yet? The quips are already flowing inside the Outspoken Media office (“Now the Google six-pack comes with easy open tabs!”). Welcome to the newest face of search: Click to enlarge

Twitter’s Autocomplete Update and Social ORM

by on 07/10/2012 • 3 Comments | Social Media

Another network is helping to take the thought work out of search. Twitter recently announced the launch of two new features: Autocomplete and ‘People You Follow’ search results. In his post on the Twitter blog, Frost Li discusses the benefits to users, including spelling corrections, related search suggestions, real-name search for Twitter handles, and follower-only …Read More

How to Measure ROI for Networking Events

by on 06/28/2012 • 1 Comment | Online Marketing

Let’s face it—running a networking event is hard work. This morning, the rest of the team and I are attending Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley #11 (SMBTV), a bimonthly morning networking event featuring local and national speakers who present on a variety of social media-related topics. We’ve collaborated with several companies in the area, including …Read More

5 Essential SEO Consulting Intake Questions

by on 06/19/2012 • 8 Comments | SEO

If you haven’t checked out Rhea’s Whiteboard Friday discussion of vendors vs. consultants, now is a great time to take a peek. In our effort to transform from SEO vendors to true SEO consultants we’re evaluating our client intake process, focusing on establishing a long-lasting relationship from the moment a potential client clicks “submit” on …Read More

Submit Your Sites for Micro-SEO Audits

by on 04/16/2012 • 4 Comments | SEO

We do it in public. We do it in our sleep. We even do it at family gatherings. SEO audits. As SEOs, we can’t help ourselves. When we see a site in need of optimization, our thoughts go into overdrive (tip of the day: always exercise caution when asking an SEO, “What do you think …Read More

Demystifying Schemas for Food Bloggers

by on 03/21/2012 • 4 Comments | SEO

There are two things in this world I will never stop loving: food and schemas (sorry, husband). I’ve been a self-proclaimed pseudo-foodie for quite some time now, involving myself with the local food blogging and Yelping community to their chagrin as much as possible. Through those relationships, I’ve realized the knowledge I take for granted, …Read More

International SEO: Three French Hens

by on 12/12/2011 • 3 Comments | SEO

Even with a background in Cultural Anthropology, I occasionally catch myself thinking about SEO from an ethnocentric point of view. For the most part, the clients I work with are focused on a domestic audience, and so I may only need to account for slight differences in accessibility and keyword phrasing. But upon taking a …Read More