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The New SEO Glossary: Say Goodbye to Link Condoms & Juice

by on 12/12/2012 • 48 Comments | SEO

The SEO industry is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and industry-wide inside jokes. There are other publications that have extensively covered what SEO industry jargon means and how to interpret it–that isn’t my goal here. The elephant in the room for any SEO firm or individual consultant is that SEO has a massive reputation problem. The …Read More

3 Event Tracking Actions You Should Be Using

by on 11/28/2012 • No Comments | Online Marketing

Stop making assumptions! As an SEO, I have to remind myself of this–question data, question the client, question past and current link development. One assumption I see many companies and website owners make is that Google Analytics gives them everything they need to properly analyze their site. This simply isn’t true. For many, Google Analytics …Read More

(Link)Build a Relationship in 15 Minutes a Day

by on 11/16/2012 • 16 Comments | SEO

Perhaps the newest buzzword in SEO is “relationship building.” It’s not about link building anymore-it’s about the relationship. And while I don’t disagree, it is very easy to start tab jumping or fall into Twitter and not accomplish what you wanted to in the first place: getting this person’s attention. While there are numerous industry …Read More