Lisa’s Birthday Blogger Bash


In case you missed it, and I’m not sure how you could have, it’s Lisa’s birthday week! To celebrate, the Outspoken Media team decided to throw a blogger bash. What is a blogger bash? In honor of the incredible work Lisa contributed to the community and our team over the last year, we’re blogging our little hearts out all week to give Lisa some much-deserved time in the real world.

This week we’ll be featuring blog posts from each member of the team, which means you’ll have a chance to read posts from Michelle Lowery, Sabre Sarnataro, our newest addition, Danika Atkins, and myself. Our clients are familiar with their names, and some of you met Michelle at Pubcon South and Sabre at SMX Advanced, but it’s time each added their voice to the blog. Keep an eye out this week for their work and please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

Don’t worry, Lisa will be back next week, but what every blogger craves (and deserves) is a much-needed break from the blogosphere. To put things into perspective, in the last year, Lisa published 296 blog posts. Those were just the posts on the Outspoken Media blog, which doesn’t account for her client work, weekly posts on Small Business Trends, her guest posts and interviews, and her personal writing. In other words, she’s been busy, very busy.

She even found time to land these:

Lisa doesn’t just write like a super hero, she literally kicks ass in her spare time. Need proof?

So, join us in wishing our star an early happy birthday and look for some incredible, fresh talent on the blog this week. We’ll be writing about online scandals, how to marry SEO with your sales cycle, why good grammar is important to SEO copywriting and how to increase productivity through crowdsourcing. Stay tuned and go send Lisa some love!

Your Comments

  • Wow. Well, if you need me, I’ll be over HERE feeling slightly mortified. Heh.

    Can’t wait to read the content this week, though, especially from our newer faces.

  • Happy Birthday Lisa! Haha. Rhea, are you going to be writing for the week?!

    • Yes, I’ll be in the mix, but the week belongs to the whole team.

  • Happy Birthday! :-)

  • Happy Birthday Lisa!

    How in the world do you get all your blogging accomplished while wearing those big blue boxing gloves? :D

  • Happy Birthday Lisa!

  • You’re gonna celebrate the whole week? Isn’t your birthday tomorrow? (unless I’m horribly mistaken)
    I’ll have to make sure to send you a Birthday Wall Post on FB or a Birthday Text if i remember. Also, since I’m at a lack of present to give you, I will instead thank you for the SEO help & tips you’ve given me in your off-time. Thanks Lisa! And have a great birthday week.

  • Thanks for the mention, Rhea–and Happy Birthday, Lisa. I hope you enjoy your blogging break–I’m sure you’ll come back rested, recharged and ready to write more informed, informative and incredibly useful posts.

    What better time than now, on your your birthday, to sing your praises and tell you how important your blogging voice is to me. Though I don’t comment much, I read your Outspoken Media posts daily and also deeply appreciate:

    * Your inimitable, comprehensive live blogging coverage at numerous conferences
    * Your pillar post on another site (which I diplomatically will not mention here!) that provides scores of blog post ideas and inspiration. This has been a go-to post for me on innumerable occasions.
    * Your “Voice, Interrupted” video on The King’s Speech. Brava!
    * Weekend Coffee Links: My addiction, so much so that last week, while on a rustic island on which there was only one one place with (tenuous) Internet access, I still managed to check in and read every single one of your great Coffee Link finds.

    Thanks, Lisa–and many happy returns of the day.

  • Awesome post :) I can’t wait to read the posts this week too. Happy early birthday, Lisa!

  • Jelena Milosevic

    Happy birthday Lisa
    enjoy your free time, best you can :)

  • Happy Birthday LIsa! From one kickboxing ex-LI’er to another.
    Love your POV >>> Love your writing style.
    Birthday Wish: May you always kick like a horse!

  • Love Lisa. Seriously, love. One of my favorite bloggers ever. Happy Birthday!! :)

  • Happy Birthday Lisa!! Looks like you’ve got the ‘eye of the tiger.’ I can actually hear the Rocky music. If I didn’t know any better i’d say the pic suggests someone just got their ass beat by Boxing Extraordinaire Lisa “Chin Check” Barone. :-) Many happy wishes.

  • You deserve the time off, Lisa. Thank you for everything you do.

    – Anita

    • To be fair, she’s only technically “off” for one day this week. We figured there was no better way for her to celebrate than to do DIFFERENT WORK all week. Our bosses are jerks. ;)

      • Why does no one else associate “break” with “different kinds of work”? Weird.

    • Thanks, Anita! And I’m only taking off Outspoken blogging this week. My SmallBizTrends posts are all scheduled. ;)

  • Lisa, you are insanely prolific and incredibly inspiring. Happy happy birthday!

  • And you call blogging work. :)

  • Happy birthday Lisa!

    And, wow, 296 blog posts in one year (not including your external posts)…. speechless.

  • I want to hit up the party!