The Labor of Leaning In

by on 08/27/2013 • 20 Comments | Announcements

Hi there! Long time, no blog. It’s been months since you heard from Outspoken Media and for that I apologize, but not profusely because sometimes there are moments when you have to take a step back or in our case, a step forward. While we were away from the blog, we were very much present …Read More

The Woman’s Guide to Having it All

by on 02/08/2013 • 11 Comments | Announcements

A better title would be, “Outspoken Media’s Winter/Spring 2013 Speaking Schedule,” but I decided to do more with this after reading aimClear’s recent study on gender diversity among SEO industry conferences. The question of female speakers and gender diversity within the SEO industry has always been a hot topic. Even among women it’s been widely …Read More

Outspoken Media: The Evolution of a Brand

by on 05/18/2012 • 28 Comments | Announcements

An Introduction Hi, my name is Emily Cote, and I am the new Community Manager for Outspoken Media. You probably didn’t know this, but I have been the Community Manager for the past month. The reason you didn’t know this is because I have pretty much been non-existent online since then. And honestly, I owe …Read More

Moving Forward with Outspoken Media

by on 04/13/2012 • 30 Comments | Announcements

Yesterday, Lisa announced her resignation from Outspoken Media and we hope you join us in wishing her the best of luck on the road ahead. With an undeniable talent, and a voice as strong as hers, we are excited to see where she goes next. It’s been three amazing years, and we couldn’t have gotten …Read More

Why I’m Stepping Down

by on 04/12/2012 • 94 Comments | Announcements

A few weeks ago I let the team know of my decision to resign from Outspoken Media, the company I helped found and build over the past three years. Now it’s time to let everyone else know, as well. One thing is for sure – I couldn’t have asked for a better learning environment. Outspoken …Read More

Outspoken Media: Looking to 2012

by on 01/19/2012 • 11 Comments | Announcements

It’s January 19th. Crack open the champagne, because it’s time to celebrate! What’s so special about today? Today is Outspoken Media’s birthday. A birthday that comes a couple weeks after the New Year, which means Lisa and I have been in a period of intense introspection (or holiday food comas, who knows). But isn’t that …Read More

The New Outspoken Media Office

by on 12/02/2011 • 55 Comments | Announcements

It was August 2010 when Rhea and I picked up our laptops and moved into a shared office space environment located in downtown Troy, NY. Having started Outspoken Media, quite literally, in a basement we knew this was a big step. It was a sign to us that we were doing this and that, perhaps, …Read More

Announcing Expert Week 2011

by on 07/07/2011 • 9 Comments | Announcements

Hey all. Next week we’ll continue one of my favorite summer traditions here on the blog. It’s when I go on vacation and let some of this industry’s most awesome voices take over for a week*. Huzzah! And this year, the fun will continue with five more super smart folks. Some are newer to the …Read More